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Wanna be a Landlord? Consider These 6 Things First

With the rental market booming in many parts of the country, there’s good money to be made as a landlord. There are plenty of real estate investors who make a good living as landlords, so why not you? If you want to get in on the action, there are a few things you need to think about first before you channel you inner Mr.…

The Gloves Are Off: Be Prepared for a Bidding War!

You’ve found the house of your dreams, and are prepared to put in an offer on it. But so are a bunch of other home-buyer hopefuls. The result? A bidding war. While this puts the sellers in the driver’s seat, it forces buyers to get ready for battle.…

DIY Chair Upholstering: Step-by-Steps You Can Totally Do!

Step 1: The Fun Part


We don’t know about you, but sometimes even the simplest and most fun DIY projects can seem daunting at first. Help yourself out of the DIY jitters by eating your vegetables last!

First, cruise to your local fabric store and pick out the perfect shade of canary yellow or grey ombre.…

5 Tips to Score the Best Mortgage


Mortgage interest rates have experienced historical lows over the past few years, prompting a lot of Americans to hop on the home owner bandwagon in hoards. But even with interest rates being as low as they are, the while mortgage buying process can still seem a little tricky to many.…

5 Problems Your Home Inspector Might Not Catch


You’ve found your dream home, put in an offer that the seller couldn’t refuse, and sealed the deal. But before you head out to buy new furniture, there’s still one little task that needs to be completed: the home inspection.

Realtors will typically advise their clients to include this clause in a purchase agreement in order to help uncover any problems with the home that they might not have noticed when they first saw it.…

What the Heck is a ‘Zero-Sum’ Budget, and Why Should You Consider One?

Budgeting. It’s not exactly the sexiest topic out there, but it’s one that everyone needs to think about, talk about, develop, and set in motion. This essential spending plan basically helps you to determine if you’ve actually got the cash to do the things you want or need without sending you spiraling into debt.
While there’s lots of talk about the different ways to budget, what’s less known is the topic on zero-sum budgeting.

Rock These 4 Simple Habits to Shake Up Your Personal Finances – in a Good Way

Over 35% of Americans have collections agencies hounding them about their debts and unpaid bills, and almost 30% have more credit card debt than emergency savings. Scary stuff. Being in debt is sort of like being in quick sand – you’re not quite sure how you found yourself there, but you’re drowning fast.
The downward spiral of debt is a dangerous one, especially when that debt is attached to crazy high interest rates, typical of credit card debt. With rates as high as 20%, it can be extremely challenging to climb back out for air. But all is not lost. You can still take action right now to not only get rid of your debt, but start padding your savings account too.

Give these 4 habits a go to get you back on the road to financial health for the long haul.