3 Unique Ways to Decorate Your Walls

As you’re decorating your house, you may spend an inordinate amount of time choosing furniture and area rugs, as well as painting your walls the latest popular colors. But as you look around your rooms, you’ll undoubtedly notice something’s missing, but you can’t quite put your finger on what that something is.

Whether your walls are empty or you have a house full of pictures, paintings, and mirrors, a little creativity can go a long way toward making your house unique. Here are three ways you can add pizzazz to boring walls.

1. Framed Jigsaw Puzzle

When you think about all of the jigsaw puzzles on the market, you likely can imagine all of the design possibilities. When completed, the right puzzle can make the perfect painting, especially if you slip it into a professional frame. But how do you get a jigsaw puzzle from the table to the wall without it breaking into hundreds of pieces?

Using jigsaw puzzle glue and patience, you can freeze your puzzle in place. You can then slide cardboard on each side of it and transport it to a framing shop to be prepared to go on your wall. If you prefer to frame the puzzle on your own, you should consider dry mounting it to a foam board before framing it. This will reinforce its structural integrity before you hang it.

2. Movie Posters

If you’re a movie fan, you can greatly enhance your décor using movie posters. Vintage movie posters are especially popular throughout the house, adding charm to every room. If you’re creative and choose based on the coloring in the poster rather than the film it represents, you’ll be able to use these posters in any room of your house.

True movie fans may prefer to set aside a room like a bonus room to show off a love for film. In addition to theater seating and a big-screen TV, you can decorate the walls with posters from all of your favorite movies. If you have patience and a little extra money to spend, you can even search sites like eBay for autographed versions of your favorite movie posters.

3. Unique Wall Borders

At one time, homeowners spiced up their homes with wallpaper that showed off their personal tastes. Now that wallpaper is no longer en vogue, most homeowners have turned to paint and wainscoting to add uniqueness to a home’s walls. But even though wallpaper has gone extinct, wall borders are still commonly used, especially in rooms like nurseries, bonus rooms, rec rooms, and dining areas.

When it comes to wall borders, there are many options, many of which are designed to match specific rooms. A wine theme would be perfect for a kitchen or breakfast nook and baby themes are made that will fit a nursery perfectly. You can even find movie borders to go with your cinema theme.

Your home’s walls are among the first things people notice when they enter your house. With a little creativity, you can add charm to your home and make it stand out from the others in the neighborhood, without having to put in hours of work.