A Sconce Askance (and Other Exciting Lighting Opportunities)

From tea candles to track lights, lighting can enhance your home value, complete a design scheme, and literally brighten your days like no other element.

Installed lighting can obviously be a big investment. But if you’re looking for something modern, versatile, and low profile, you can’t beat recessed lighting from the pros. Hint: LED bulbs are stronger and more affordable these days and they make everything better in a recessed lighting plan. Good color, dimmable, and they last forever!


If you’re looking for actual design, however, you’ll want to be a bit more selective. Instead of hitting the big box lighting store on a Saturday afternoon, indulge in some whimsy and originality. Get a little craftier by going online. Handmade originals are each loving designed by a single artist. When guests enter a room with one of these puppies incorporated into your design, we can guarantee compliments. And the answer to where can I get one? is “you can’t.” Since each is a one-of-a-kind. And given all that, you’ll be shocked at the prices.


One-of-a-kind selections from small shops featuring handmade fixtures that are totally affordable and full of personality are simply always in style.


Lately, designers are incorporating vintage elements, unique filaments, and ceramics in addition to traditional metals and glass in lighting fixtures. And they’re encouraging homeowners and designers to get adventurous with both shape and placement. (As you can tell from the title, we’re into a surprising sconce or two to throw some light on your design situation.)

Warm woods are also one of our favorite lasting trends in lighting. Looking around you’ll find some pretty extraordinary examples of wood-themed lighting: from ribbons of honey-colored oak wound into lamp shades to delicate pine dowels hung in geometric shapes. Somehow it’s  the perfect compliment to both a mid-century modern arm chair and industrial metallics. Wood accents. Who knew not just for the 70s anymore!


Cost-cutting design hint: Installing dimmers is a super DIY-able thing to do, and it can make you even happier with your gorgeous new purchase. A unique design doesn’t guarantee flexibility. Adding a dimmer puts instant modern on your vintage edison sconces. Double design bonus.

Shine on.

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