Ultra-Mod Flooring You Hadn’t Considered (But Should)

Leather Belt Flooring

Leather Belt Tiles

If you’re someone who enjoys unique home features, we bet you just can’t get enough of this unique design element. It’s very popular in the UK. So if your style leans anglophile, get on this leather train.

 Bamboo flooring


Click in bamboo flooring that’s harder than hardwood. And gorgeous to boot.

Concrete Flooring

Poured Concrete

OK it’s not the reclaimed barn wood you wanted, but give these gorgeous concrete floors a second look.

Just poor it, level it, and polish it. OK, maybe it’s a tiny bit more complicated than that. But most people probably still think of poured concrete flooring as eminently DIY-able, but we say…hire a pro, sit back, and love your resilient new floors for a lifetime. And don’t forget the radiant heating underneath, the most cost-efficient home heating available happens to work best with a concrete floor. Your pampered eyes and toes will thank you.

Cork Flooring


Not your mom’s cork flooring. It’s tough, it’s eco-friendly, and it looks really cool. Need flooring for your rustic wine cellar? Here’s where you can buy that delicious design element for yourself.

coin flooring


You may have seen this already in the trendy restaurant down the street, but adding coin flooring to personal living spaces is seeing a surge in popularity. Besides, if you’re going to spend all that money on flooring, you might as well look at it, right?

If you’re still looking, here are a few more flooring resources.

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