Brick: Underused or Overexposed?

Exposed brick has been around long before it was the hottest design trend this side of a Brooklyn loft. But the truth is it’s been around as long as, like, housing in general. So who’s to say where this “trend” starts and stops?

Looking at exposed brick in a new light

Exposed brick-bordering-on-stone. This style is muy rustica, clearly evocative of the old world, and yet perfectly at home in your living room.

Exposed Brick 3

Brick and Friends

Brick crams so much texture and character in every reddish nook and cranny. It’s got a lot of oomph, design-wise. That means you can either leave it alone, or you can accent it with more and more layered textures: wood, fiber, rope, metal. They all play nicely with brick.

DIY Brick?

If you live in a restored home where the use of exposed brick walls has been planned, and the brick has been treated properly, lucky you! If your house is relatively new but not new enough to incorporate recycled brick accent walls, there’s still hope. For city-dwellers, you’ll have a decent chance of finding it behind your wallpaper and plaster. Huzzah.

Exposed Brick

If your brick is not insulated on the outside of the house, however, it can cause all sorts of problems – a big increase in your heating bill to start. And that can make your hip design element a major headache. Rain can leak in, heat leaks out, pests and mold can make themselves comfy in unsealed cracks and old mortar. And dangerous micro-particles can deposit themselves in the air in your home. Ick. Nightmare. But it’s so cool looking…. True. Don’t despair!

 exposed brick 2

Even if your brick is not the best, as long as you’re properly insulated on the outside, the inside can be washed, sealed up, and painted over – a great way to lock in that look, while also locking out the elements as well as the inevitable brick dust (an allergy hazard and home cleaning challenge for sure). There are tons of painted brick rooms out there for inspiration.

Sleepy escapes: bedrooms in brick

Super popular if you can get it, the classic brick wall gives bedrooms a cozy modern vibe.

exposed brick 4


The verdict? Don’t hesitate; go ahead and expose yourself to brick!